Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight's Dinner Artichoke Asparagus Pasta

The inspiration for this recipe was a delicious cold asparagus salad from one of my favorite deli counters. I decided to make it warm as a main dish and add in artichoke hearts and tofu to make it more of a meal.

Hope you enjoy! My family all had clean plates tonight. Bailey even said he liked the asparagus and the artichokes so that is a big kid win for me! A special thanks to the clerk at Whole Foods today. My pregnancy brain got the best of me and I could not find the canned artichokes. :-)

Artichoke Asparagus Pasta


1/2 package extra firm tofu, diced
1 bunch of asparagus, chopped
1 can of artichoke hearts in water, chopped
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 12 oz. package of whole wheat pasta of your choice, cooked and drained
olive oil
salt and pepper
2 TBSP butter
1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, grated
basil for garnish

  1. Heat skillet and go once around the pan with olive oil. Add in tofu, asparagus, artichoke hearts and garlic. Saute for about 5-7 minutes--until asparagus is cooked to desired firmness. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  2. To drained pasta--I used mostacolli because I had it on hand--add the butter and parmesan and toss to coat.
  3. Toss the veggie mixture with the pasta mixture and top with basil ribbons and additional parmesan cheese.


  1. Torry,
    These recipes are awesome! I've always enjoyed your cooking and I'm happy to find some of your recipes here. Terri and I are also trying to be healthier and I know that we would both love these two dishes. Keep them coming!

  2. Hello Torry,

    I'm so excited to see some recipes from you! I've always enjoyed your cooking and Terri and I have commented on several occassions that you should share your talents with others. I'm looking forward to making these dishes. We also continue to struggle with finding simple recipes that are cost effective and more importantly, healthy. Thanks for sharing!


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