Friday, April 23, 2010

Re-purposing! I love this solution for draining canned foods

I was at Target today, my home away from home, and needed to grab some quick lunch. Instead of the Pizza Hut that I wanted, I grabbed one of those Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers. was ok. Nothing spectacular. Too much sodium and not enough taste.

The holy grail of the lunch was the container it came in. For those of you not familiar with this product, it is a plastic container roughly the s
ame grade as a Glad container. The lid is full of holes so you can drain the water for the pasta.

In my mind, I was thinking, I bet I can reuse this for something but not sure what. I washed it and kept it. THEN I started making dinner. I was using canned black beans for the nachos. I normally just microwave them in their sauce and then drain them. The nasty black sauce they come in is then scorching hot. VOILA! The Fresh Mixers container!!! I grabbed it, put the black beans and their sauce in there and microwaved for 2 minutes. I then drained off that nasty black sauce while it was hot--without burning my hands. I had perfectly drained black beans and a container to dish them out in.

What a perfect solution! Here's a picture so you can see what the container looks like.

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